In the great race of life, we sometimes forget how to slow down, take a breath and follow our natural path. We rush and strive and push, hardwired to believe that speed wins the race. That is the myth. We don’t have to subscribe to the myth.

I believe that Yoga provides a reset button; a chance to alter your world view and release the tension of the race. In Yoga, we find stillness and awareness of the present moment. Let gravity be your compass; let breath guide your energies around your body. 

Having completed my YTT, 200H Scaravelli inspired Hatha yoga in India, my practice is established on the axiom of doing less to achieve more. Deeply rooted in Hatha, I combine traditional yoga practices with the cleansing benefits of qi-gong and awakening energies through Kundalini meditation. Therefore, my Yoga is a form of moving meditation, where one can close their eyes and feel their body from within, letting themselves flow in coherence with their breath and movements. Focusing on awareness and inner space over physical motivation, my Yoga is about every individual’s natural flow, suitable for all bodies, at any level of practice.

That’s why I teach every student to look for results in their achievements, not in the physical manifestations on their body. Yoga is not a competition. It’s not about balancing in a perilous headstand, or getting into the most impressive yogi pose- It’s about mobilizing your body and creating space. Space to step out of the race and live in the moment. Space for yourself to be you. In fact, it is in this space, the space where your physical limits lie, that you truly discover your inner limitlessness.

That is my philosophy in life- accept and love what you are, and where you’re at- This is when true change can happen. Now I get to share my philosophy with you in studios across Berlin, such as Holzmarkt, The Tent, Soho House Berlin and acclaimed hot yoga studio Sun Yoga, as well as worldwide in retreats such as Juicy Yoga in Bornholm, Relax Motion and ENTERIGHT. 

I thank the universe for showing me this miraculous path of life...  


Yoga Schedule & Prices 

(please refer to my weekly CHACAyoga-schedule post on my FB site which I post every Monday morning: -Direct link click here- )

Monday: 19-20 The Tent
Tuesday: 18:30-19:30 The Tent

Private Sessions
Private yoga lesson with Chaca at your space. 
60 min 50 €
90 min 75 €

Contact me at for more information.