Selenite Crystal Lamp

Selenite Crystal Lamp

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These Selenite Lamps are produced from a naturally clear form of selenite crystal from Marokko. Light passes through it easily, creating a soothing warm glow. This soft, but powerful, mineral is extremely useful to work with, as the selenite healing properties are greatly beneficial for everyone.
The selenite, in its natural form, has been hollowed out to create a unique lamp.
Not only is the lamp a great piece of art to have in your home. It is also reputed to enhance energy to the body. It is beneficial for the musculoskeletal system, especially for the spine where it provides flexibility and alignment.
From a spiritual perspective the lamp brings clarity of mind and a sense of awareness and inner peace and is also said to have the ability to connect you to your higher self.
I hope you will enjoy the lamp as much as I do.
It comes in two sizes:

Small about 20 cm in hight. 
Medium about 25 cm in hight.
Large about 35 cm high (only available for pick up at The Crystal Cave).

You can read more about the Selenite Lamp and it´s properties here

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