EMELI ERICSSON - March 10th 2017

Chaca's crystal healing was such a beautiful experience. She had prepared the ritual the day before already, based on my personal needs, and started with a soothing and relaxing massage. During the healing she told me what she was doing and which crystals she was using so that I could follow with my eyes closed. Her warm and gentle persona guided me through the powerful session which left me feeling relaxed, comforted, rejuvenated and supported.
I can recommend it with all my heart.


MELANIE FLISZAR - June 30th 2016

I love doing yoga with Chaca. I love waking up with her in the morning classes. It's the best you can do after waking up. But whatever time during the day, it's the best you can do!

Since i do Yoga with Chaca i don’t want to practice with someone else. She is super special, has a magical aura. She is preparing every practice especially for the people she is doing the class with. And she is able to see what your body and mind need.


MARIA MONTANA - June 7th 2016

I have been going to Chacas yoga lessons since this february and only after a few lessons I could feel a great difference. I have for some time had a constant pain in my arm, neck and shoulder due to bad working position in my daily work by the computer and overworking in general. I had gone to a physiotherapist for treatments before and this had helped the condition, but not cured it and I was beginning to think that this would never go away. 

After only two times of doing yoga with Chaca who made sure to focus the training after my needs I immediately felt a radical change.After a few months of doing yoga regularly the pain is almost gone and I feel much stronger, healthier and in much more contact with my mind and body after every lesson. I have come to realize that good training is not only physical, but also mental and this is a dimension that she brings into all her yoga lessons. 


MANE MAGDALENA - May 29th 2016

I started doing Yoga with Chaca a few months ago. It was after a very long time of not doing any practice and I could immediately feel a change in myself. Suddenly I had so much more energy and positive thoughts. I felt stronger and could make so much more out of every day.

The fact that it has been only the two of us doing classes has been very significant. I could feel how she could read what my body and mind needed and prepare the class in that direction. I truly appreciate the feeling of evolution after each practice, felling I can achieve more physically and mentally. Chaca is very good at explaining how every posture helps your muscles, joints and internal organs. This give a hole new value to the practice.