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Purification Circle • Sacred Femenine Energy

Purification Circle • Sacred Femenine Energy

Purification Circle • Sacred Femenine Energy


Asana / Meditation
Danzas De Poder
Rapé Circle

We are bless to having to opportunity to gather at The Tent for a day in the name of purifying both mind and body, sharing some of our favourite tools.

Also known as Force Dances. These movements being created to honour and enhance the female energy. The practice of these series of movements, release and recharge the energy from to Human Temple. Letting go of old energetic blocks from past which no longer served us.

If we still have the same energy in the body, from previous days we will be recycling emotions, feelings and thoughts. Sometimes we are stuck with the same energy for years, holding us back from being in our true power, almost like living in a loop. So the power of this Sacred Movements results in an increase of energy and awake to the present moment trough the body, empowering the woman, bringing her into alignment.
This moment honour the female energy, the divine feminine.

Ancestral Amazonian medicine offered as the traditions of the Matse and Katukina Tribes. It’s a bioactive substance that comes from the giant Phylomedusa Bicolor frog. Collected respectfully and sustainably in Perú by the Elder Ernesto Segundo, who is Matse on his father’s side and Katukina on his mother’s. The nutritional Benefit of Phylokinins and Filomedusins are extremely interesting for human biology since they contain digestive enzymes, analgesics, anti-inflammatory substances and 9 neuropeptides that the human system requires for its full functionality, so treatment with Kambo, supported by healthy eating and emotional habits can bring us into full health.

Phylokinins and Filomedusins are potent spleen vasodilators, which increases permeability of the blood brain barrier. This facilitates the access of these two peptides to the brain as well as active peptides. Ceruletide causes a drop in arterial pressure followed by tachycardia, which also stimulates the adrenal cortex and the pituitary gland, increasing sensory perception and physical resistance. These peptides have a strong analgesic power, increase physical strength and provide an overall increase in the person’s capability to face pain and stressful situation. These natural chemicals have a medicinal potential that facilitates digestion and proven analgesic effects for those who suffer kidney cramps, pains caused by peripheral vascular insufficiency and cancer pains.
Also, dermorfine and deltorfine are potent opioid peptides, 4.000 times more potent than morphine itself and 40 more potent than β-endorphins. These join the receptors in the brain, causing chemical reactions in the human body. So far, researchers have found nine bioactive peptides with potent effects on gastrointestinal muscles, gastric and pancreatic secretions, blood circulation, stimulation of the adrenal cortex and several glands. It strongly affects the intestines, which helps the deep purge’s effect.
It is scientifically known that Kambo has at least 9 potent bioactive peptides:
Vittorio Erspamer from Rome University begun scientific research on this frog’s secretion in the 80’s; Virrotio was a nominated for a Nobel price on two different occasions.

This medicine works on the physical, mental and emotional, so it is an extremely valuable treatment for chronic, degenerative and addictive processes.

Kambo medicine profoundly nurtures the nervous system and restores balance to the gland system while simultaneously unleashing a detox, anti-inflammatory and analgesic process.
Release of natural and synthetic toxins (brand medication, heroin, cocaine, crystal meth, amphetamines and methamphetamines) that due to excess have gotten stuck in the body; usually, the first organs to get cleaned are the liver, spleen, pancreas, kidneys and intestines. It stops degenerative and/or inflammatory processes and favors cellular regeneration.

Traumatic or extremely painful events leave a mark in the organs and therefore the blood. If emotions are not processed, they “get stuck” in the body and cause diseases (unresolved conflicts) which are the body’s way of trying to release them; disease is how the body invites us to look within and heal. The Kambo toxin, upon entering the body, moves the blood, and with it, subtle energies that are lodged in all organs, these energies are visible as toxins, tumors, cysts, phlegm, etc. They are removed, by the toxin’s effect, which causes an emotional release that comes from consciousness of the conflict. After treatment, people who have experienced years of pain or trauma are released from them and can recover a forgotten sense of peace.

Because of emotional and physical release (in cases of chronic pain or trauma), the brain’s responses change. This opens a window for reprogramming of mental patterns, rooted ideas and self-destructive thought structures. This process is accompanied by energy therapy and reprogramming of mental patterns.

Ailments that are affected positively by treatment with Kambo, herbal medicine, medicinal cannabis and reprogramming of mental patterns and energy techniques, as well as nutritional habits for each ailment are:

Stress and its consequences
Fluid retention
Blood Pressure (Hypotension and Hypertension)
Blood circulation
Infections by viruses and bacteria.
Dysmenorrhea (menstrual cramps)
Amenorrhea (lack of menstruation)
Cysts and tumors in any part of the body
All kinds of addictions
Chemical dependencies and medicines
All kinds of nervous diseases
All kinds of skin diseases
All types of cancer, only report if there is metastasis

Hernias over 3cm wide
Recent organ transplant (3 months)
Heart at

Liliana Villanueva Luna a.k.a Mukti
Born in May 1977 in Villahermosa, Tabasco, daughter and granddaughter of traditional healers.
She is a born psychonaut and dreamer, she was raised in the Mayan an Olmec traditions. She started walking the path of her own healing when she was 19; she has received the medicines of Teonacatl (mushrooms), Temazcal, Hikuri (Peyote), Pastora (Salvia Divinorum), Ayahuasca, Yagé, Otac and Olloliuhqui (LSA). She also experimented with substances such as LSD, MDMA and electronic music induced trance. She’s a certified Reiki Master, acupuncturist and has specialized in Metagenealogy and Evolutive Tarot. For 21 years she has devoted herself to inner knowledge walking the Kadampa Tantra and Merkabah paths, and for the last 10 years has been a daily practitioner of Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtanga Yoga.
Mukti is a practitioner of fasting and self-mastery since 2006 and created the Rainbow Self-Healing Method.
She founded the Mukti communities (2011, consciousness network), Medicinas Ancestrales (2015, organization for research, documentation and dissemination of Comcaac Culture).
She is currently authorized to offer the following Ancestral Medicines: Kambo, Rapé, OTAC (Incilius Alvarius), Hikuri (Peyote), Ancient Triad (fasting, silence and contemplation), Mazaua and Seri herbal medicine.

Mukti has meditated with over 7,000 people around the world, facilitated the Self-mastery and Self-Healing techniques to over 500 people, assisted with her service organizing over 1,000 OTAC Medicine Ceremonies, performed prayers with Yagé medicines with Taitas from the Colombian Putumayo for over 500 people and offered over 200 purification ceremonies around the world.

And who have granted her permission to share the medicines of their Tribes:
Abuelo Markos (Zapoteca/Mazahua)
Abuelo Segundo Ernesto (Matsê)
Tata Tlahui (Wixárika)
Tata Pancho Largo (Seri)
Tata Chapito Barnett (Seri)

In a quest to connect with the vibrational energy of the earth, I have created a universe where I combine my jewellery with crystal healing and yoga. CHACA mandala is a space where I can share my knowledge on how to enhance life energy and invite miracles into your daily life.
In the great race of life, we sometimes forget how to slow down, take a breath and follow our natural path. We rush and strive and push, hardwired to believe that speed wins the race. That is the myth. We don’t have to subscribe to the myth.
I believe that Yoga provides a reset button; a chance to alter your world view and release the tension of the race. In Yoga, we find stillness and awareness of the present moment. Let gravity be your compass; let breath guide your energies around your body.
Having completed my Yoga Teacher Training at 200H Scaravelli in India, my practice is established on the axiom of doing less to achieve more. Deeply rooted in Hatha, I combine traditional yoga practices with the cleansing benefits of qi-gong and awakening energies through Kundalini meditation. Therefore, my Yoga is a form of moving meditation, where one can close their eyes and feel their body from within, letting themselves flow in coherence with their breath and movements. Focusing on awareness and inner space over physical motivation, my Yoga is about every individual’s natural flow, suitable for all bodies, at any level of practice.

That’s why I teach every student to look for results in their achievements, not in the physical manifestations on their body. Yoga is not a competition. It’s not about balancing in a perilous headstand, or getting into the most impressive yogi pose- It’s about mobilizing your body and creating space. Space to step out of the race and live in the moment. Space for yourself to be you. In fact, it is in this space, the space where your physical limits lie, that you truly discover your inner limitlessness.

That is my philosophy in life- accept and love what you are, and where you’re at- This is when true change can happen. Now I get to share my philosophy with you in studios across Berlin, such as Holzmarkt Yoga, The Tent, Soho House Berlin and acclaimed hot yoga studio Sun Yoga, as well as worldwide in retreats such as Juicy Yoga in Bornholm, Relax Motion and ENTERIGHT.

Saturday 08.06-19 11:11-17:17
The Tent
Schlesische Str. 38 1. HH 5th Floor
10997 Berlin

AXATIPE: Liliana Villanueva Luna & Chaca Hammer

For further information:
Chaca +4917631445958

Energy Exchange 165€

Kambo Prayer • Purification Circle

Kambo Prayer • Purification Circle

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ENTERIGHT - An Unforgettable Journey to Yoga & Wellness