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Welcome to my Yoni Verse

Welcome to my Yoni Verse

I first encountered this delightful little crystal egg some years ago… and with, I admit, a slight giggle. In India, completing my yoga teacher training, I was in the throes of a healing Zen Shiatsu massage, having the little niggles and knots of my life kneaded away. It was a funny time for me; a crossroad in my journey. One path held me warmly in the embrace of my comfort zone. The other, the spiritual tidal wave rising up before me, beckoned tantalizingly. Yet, I was unable to fully commit to my instinct. The masseuse, perhaps picking up on my apprehensive energy, asked me if I’d ever heard of the ancient practice of Yoni eggs. She added with a smile, that nestling a jade yoni into my vagina was sure to help unblock these barriers to my intuition. Cue giggles. It wasn’t until a year later, and many miles from India, that this mysterious ovoid object came to be an utterly intrinsic tool and a daily part of my life.



The word ‘yoni’ comes from the ancient Sanskrit word for the female genitalia, meaning “sacred space.” It is clear that the vagina has held a precious position in Eastern cultures since ancient times, worshiped as the bringer of life, and the symbol of creativity and love. It is believed that the inner walls of the vagina hold special perceptive qualities that allow the diffusion of energies from the universe to the body.

The practice and use of yoni eggs is not new. It is estimated that women have been using these stone eggs for over 5,000 years. Empresses and concubines of the Royal Palace of China used eggs carved out of jade to enhance the muscular structure of their yoni, access sexual power and awaken their own sensuality. But it is not all about sexual oomph and multiple orgasms. Yonis are believed to have allowed Eastern cultures to tap into a deeper vibrational energy and maintain amazing health into their old age. Up until recently, this ancient, secret practice was only available to members of the royal family and select Taoist practitioners. Now the gift has been passed on to us.


Yoni eggs are smooth polished eggs made out semi-precious gemstones including jade, rose quartz, amethyst, and a host of other crystals and healing materials. They work by connecting your body with the natural vibrational energies of the earth through carefully selected crystals that each have a specific healing and balancing property. The Access to telluric energy, the dense concentrated energy of the earth, is through the perineum, so inserting the yoni egg into the vagina, creates a direct contact for the energy to flow in.

Eighty percent of the body is water, and water has memory. The water will align itself with the energy transmitted through the vibrations of each crystal so that you then possess these energies. That’s when the magic happens: a deep healing and cleansing of the body’s seven chakras, opening built up internal blocks. Crystals with extremely high levels of vibrations such as amethyst, rock crystal, fluorite and Shungite, are instantly felt to enter the body’s energetic field, each endowing their special properties into the system.


STRENTHENING: Yoni eggs sit nestled within the muscular wall of the vagina, which constantly contacts and tightens over the ovate shape. Hence, wearing a yoni egg is like vaginal weightlifting, much like using a smart ball or performing Kegel exercises. The benefits of this are endless. You can enhance the sensitivity of your yoni, increasing the intensity and frequency of your orgasms. The wall of your vagina is toned, decreasing chances of incontinence, reducing menstrual pain and helping those with post childbirth slack. Vaginal fitness and feeling generally more sexually vibrant has an effect on your overall energy and confidence.

BALANCING: The body aligns itself and is affected by the vibrations of the crystal you wear inside of you. So, as well as training the muscular structure of your yoni, the egg has a balancing effect on your entire body. Stones like Shungite, in the form of a yoni egg, will protect and heal you from negative energies, while also widening your aura to a five-meter radiance. We talk about ‘anchoring’ ourselves and the benefits of ‘rootedness’, which requires the first chakra to radiate towards the ground, connecting us to the earth. Shungite, as compared to many other stones, provides a larger expansion and deeper concentration of the first chakra’s field, actually enveloping you in a protective field.


The truly amazing thing about yoni eggs is that you can tailor your yoni experience to the specific needs of your energy field. Creativity depleted? Try an amethyst yoni egg and let the vibrations incite your imagination. Pop in a Shungite egg to detoxify your entire body and protect you from negative energies in your surroundings. Blast away blocks and negativity with the combustive powers of black obsidian. You decide the vibrations you want in your life. You control your energy from within.

It’s no surprise that these ancient little secrets are having something of a comeback in the modern world. Rediscovering the ‘sacred space’ in me, a little chamber that is unique to the female physical make-up, has empowered me, along with countless women around the world, to take charge of their female power. The word has spread; the secret’s out. I truly believe that yoni wearing will soon be as common as wearing a necklace. And a whole lot more useful. 

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Pussy power, crystals and womb magic.

Pussy power, crystals and womb magic.

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#3 Designer Sale at Säälchen/Holzmarkt