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Spring Equinox - Crystal Clear Equilibrium 21.03.2018

Spring Equinox - Crystal Clear Equilibrium 21.03.2018

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We are excited to gather on the top floor, known as Dojo/Kürsche, under the roof at Holzmarkt, shaped like a pyramid, overlooking the water. 

On this specific day of the year, we invite you to connect with the great and magnetising power of nature. When you align yourself with the balance of the universe through the powerful forces of day and night, which are perfectly equal for equinox, you align yourself with your own divine energy. 

We will open the space with a spicy raw cacao that we will share to open our hearts, listen and be ready to receive.

Throughout this ceremony we bring in the healing potential of the crystals. As they are one of the oldest and most ancient tools to amplify and enhance vibrations. 
We will be working with ying and yang polarities with Selenite and Shungite, which properties and colour symbolises these two opposite pols. Chaca takes you though a guided meditation journey, while holding crystals/stones in your hands, letting the vibrations flow through the body, pulling in both directions. Shungite grounding you and Selenite connecting you with the cosmos, enabling you to be fully in your centre.  

As we will transitioning together from day to night, at 18.21 is Sunset, being in between the last winter day and the first day of spring, now is the time to let go of the past, release old cells and welcome new awakened ones as the sprout of spring coming up. To facilitate this process Sofia will take you on a sound journey with symphonic gong and water-harp, which works deep into your cells to regenerate them. 

french/italian artist, kundalini yoga teacher, founder, owner & curator of Casa Cacao. She shares her gifts by playing her 2 magical & healing instruments: the Symphonic Gong & Ocean Harp.

In a quest to connect with the vibrational energy of the earth, I have created a universe where I combine my jewellery with crystal healing and yoga. CHACA mandala is a space where I can share my knowledge on how to enhance life energy and invite miracles into your daily life.

21.03.2018  18-20
Holzmarkt str 25
10243 Berlin

Energy exchange all included 21€
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#3 Designer Sale at Säälchen/Holzmarkt

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