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DRESP activewear

DRESP activewear

I have for a long time been dreaming about finding a clothing brand which I could practice yoga in as well as wear in between classes. Therefor I was extremely psyched when I discovered the Berlin based activewear DRESP, which is functional and yet very elegant. I find the designs by Sandra extremely stylish and I totally love that I can even wearing my yoga pants and tops when I go out. DRESP-activewear is fitnessclothing, partywear and casualwear at the same time. 

I love how brand is very focused on choosing high-quality, breathable, moisture-wicking sportsclothing-materials and uses geometrical shapes to combine precise patterns with diligent workmanship, creating a delicately and elegant design. Geometrical shapes and pattern is something that I use a lot in my own work, which is why I very much resonate with the look of DRESP and is super excited to see my Talisman necklaces represented together with the new collection Corail Noir.

About Corial Noir

DRESP presents the new collection „Corail noir“, inspired by freediving and all sensations and feelings encountered on the way into the depths of the ocean. It is about the heartbeat caused by the excitement on what will come. 

Submerging into an alien world, passing by colorful creatures, floating plants, colors and shapes, shadowed by the abyss. The incidence of light through the surface of the water playfully outlines the energized DRESP-woman, re-ascending relaxed and resting in herself.

The Collection Corail Noir covers the DRESP-Women like sea-water. She and her body are in pure harmony. Worn closely to the body, the collection protects and dresses well for intense work-out, or relaxing leisure time all the same.

DRESP-activewear is a functional fitness garment, elegant interpreted. The materials are moisture wicking and fully breathable. They absorb and evaporate moisture quickly while also gently providing shape. 

Pop by the beautiful DRESP store in Berlin and check out the forward thinking new collection as well some of my crystal healing jewellery pieces. 


Brunnun str. 169

10119 Berlin







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AGAPE ZOE healing festival no. 8.

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