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Crystallized # 1

Crystallized # 1


Crystallized is a series of spaces, which I will decorate with my crystals in different ways to enhance the visual outlook as well as the vibrational energies.  

I’m super excited to be able to crystallize my dear friend Aurelia Paumelle’s beautiful space in Sanders Straße, Berlin.

Aurelia Paumelle is a French designer, based in Berlin. She launched her eponym brand in 2011 when she created her first men`s T-shirt line that she labelled with a sole antique column. Over the last three years, she has developed clothing collections that transcend fashion industry’s fleeting diktats, existing beyond time, place and gender by focusing on the body’s eternal needs. Each of her small collections comprises carefully thought-through and exceptionally well-tailored pieces. Impeccable cuts along with subtle details – souvenir of her Parisian experience at Vanessa Bruno, Sonia Rikyel, Balenciaga, John Galliano and Yves St Laurent – are applied to the simplest and comfortable garments. Aurelia Paumelle’s T-shirts, pants, hoodies as well as jackets and coats are minimal, edgy and stylish but above all, they are easy to wear. Her friends, artists and musicians, are at the chore of her creative process and as a result, she makes clothes that can be inhabited by true individuals.

Aurelia is a fascinating person and after spending more time with her I discovered that she has a strong connection to the raven as a symbol. I thought that it was a very interesting coincidence as I actually have been having a raven guarding my studio as a symbol of me being tremendously fascinated by any sparkly or glittery item. I then with no hesitation decided my raven should be a part of my installation in her space and giving him some air under his wings.  

Raven symbolism:

The raven as a symbol has often been interpreted throughout the history with a negative charge, which mainly comes about from their appearance on battlegrounds. They are often seen picking remains of fallen warriors on battlefields.

Nevertheless the raven has a lot of powerful features, which is often over seen and hidden in the unknown. One of its strongest elements is its intelligence, which enables the raven to learn how to speak. The raven’s ability to speak has in the world of symbolism been interpreted as being a bird that can foretell the future and uncover omens and signs. Numerous cultures argue the raven is being an animal charged with powerful secrets and sees it as a strong communicator and messenger.

In Nordic mythology the raven has a strong symbolic connection to the mind. The god Odin was always accompanied by two Ravens, Mugin and Hugin. Mugin represent the mind and its intuitive ability to stay present rather than just hunting for it. Hugin represent the the minds incredible ability to search for information and its powerful thought patterns. Each day Odin would send out his two ravens to fly across land for at the end of the day to return to Oden and declare what information they had gathered during their espionage journey.

The raven is flying high in the window of the shop keeping an eye of people passing by or entering the shop. Underneath hangs beautiful and protective selection of sparkly Talisman necklaces as well as handmade medicine leather pouch-necklaces ready to be filled with a selection of personal stones or crystals.

I have laid out a special selection of crystals and stones in the shop, suitable for the medicine leather pouch-necklaces.

Beside letting my beloved raven fly around in her shop have I decorated the shop with selenite crystal lamps as they give amazing vibrations in any giving space.

Selenite is a crystal with many healing and mystical properties. Selenite quickly activates and opens the third eye and crown chakra above the head.  It has a very fine vibration as well as enhancing clarity of mind.    

Selenite is fast and effective in cleansing the auric field and it clear congested or negative energy from one's physical and etheric body. As well as clearing the auric field of your body you can also clear spaces with this crystal.

I am looking forward to this collaboration with Aurelia and the crystallization will be vibrating till the end of june 2016.

Aurelia Paumelle

Sander Str. 4

12047 Berlin


Photography by Federico Reyes