In a quest to connect with the vibrational energy of the earth, I have created a universe where I combine my jewellery with crystal healing and yoga. CHACA mandala is a space where I can share my knowledge on how to enhance life energy and invite miracles into your daily life.  

Having spent several years designing and creating jewellery in the world of high fashion with my brand CHACA, I wanted to transcend the concept of jewellery as purely embellishment, and connect with the deeper spiritual purpose of jewellery. After all, for thousands of years, it has been man’s primal instinct to use crystals and stones, hewn from the Earth, as a means to adorn ourselves with the magic of Mother Nature.  

It is my vision to help people ignite their inner powers through the practice of yoga, and to create jewellery that is beneficial to the wearer, connecting them with nature and their own spiritual quest. I am now on an ongoing journey, exploring and learning different kind of crystal healing techniques, which has enlightened me to a world of healing properties that lay, like a gift from our planet, readily available to us. 

Yoga came into my life twelwe years ago and has gradually but powerfully changed my life completely. Yoga makes me feel grounded and strong, with roots firmly planted into the earth. The combination of these elements can help you too, to align your body with the core vibrations of the Earth.

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January 2017 - Present
A student of A Course In Miracles.

September 2016
Spirit Junkie Master Class Level 1

29 May 2016
Sunyoga Energie übungsleiterausbildung

February-March 2016
200H Scaraveli inspired hatha yoga teacher training yogahealthmandala.co.uk

7-8 February 2016
NSR (Neuro Somatic Reprogramming) - Practitioner Level 1 - Reprogramming the Vital Health Systems